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15 June 2010 @ 04:09 pm
My Journal Is ... Friends Locked ~  

My Journal Is Friends Only Locked , Which Means Only Freinds Can see 
My Posts , And So that U know , My Posts are gonna be either Download links ,
which isn't very often or some polls that I found interesting & maybe some
good news about my beloved stars & also  some Random Posts about
me and my interests & maybe some stuff .. which I like ^^
so Feel free to add me If U feel we have anything in common
and I'll add U back , but You can send me a PM telling me about U

as It's really .. Awkward having friends whom you know nothing about ..XD

So , Don't Add me ,, If :
1- you're not really active here
2 - If you're not really interested in becoming friends
3 - If you're only wanting to see my posts
which is really useless :/

Friends only banner credit to : [info]heaven_smiles

My main Fandoms are : DBSK \ F.T.Island \ Super Junior
Battle \ Wonder Girls \ Big Bang \ SuperNova \ NewS

of course I'm a fan of mannnnny others but these are the main
ones .. also I'm obsessed about harry potter ..
you will know more about me of you read my user Info

I'm a writer, a blogger, and mainly a girl who has a lot to say, and right now a lot of free time to say it. :)

Just comment here & I'll add you <3
hope to be friends ~~

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