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Radwa / The Freak ♥
15 June 2010 @ 04:09 pm

My Journal Is Friends Only Locked , Which Means Only Freinds Can see 
My Posts , And So that U know , My Posts are gonna be either Download links ,
which isn't very often or some polls that I found interesting & maybe some
good news about my beloved stars & also  some Random Posts about
me and my interests & maybe some stuff .. which I like ^^
so Feel free to add me If U feel we have anything in common
and I'll add U back , but You can send me a PM telling me about U

as It's really .. Awkward having friends whom you know nothing about ..XD

So , Don't Add me ,, If :
1- you're not really active here
2 - If you're not really interested in becoming friends
3 - If you're only wanting to see my posts
which is really useless :/

Friends only banner credit to : [info]heaven_smiles

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